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Visualize our products in real time with the help of Value Added information in real TIme.


A distributed groundwater model.


Satellite estimated actual evapotranspiration.

Samyak Sechan Tool

Precision irrigation.


Satellite estimated soil moisture.


Crop health monitoring.

Our Value Proposition

Our Solutions

☆ Innovative solutions to natural resources related issues
☆ Ability to provide processed satellite data in near real time
☆ Better-faster-cheaper

Our Team

☆ Strong ecosystem with talent from premier academic institutions of India
☆ Pool of professionals from premiere institutions of India
☆ Highly experienced and trained personnel from the fields of Remote Sensing, GIS, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Urban Planning, Agriculture and software development.

Project Delivery

☆ Reliable delivery mechanism and project management
☆ Automation leading to project duration compression
☆ Long term support for all projects during all phases of projects

Our Products

☆ Competitive pricing for all products and services
☆ Tailored products and services to match customers’ footprints
☆ Only company with higher spatial resolution soil moisture products

Our Core Team

Agriculture specialist

Mr. Madan Mohan Gupta has more than thirty years of experience in agricultural innovation.

Technical Advisor

Dr Ahmad Al Bitar is Project Manager in CESBIO, Toulouse, France. He is an expert in the development of innovative algorithms for the robust estimation of hydrological variables and integration of these variables in hydrological models to provide value-added products. Some of the products developed by Dr Ahmad include (i) global root zone soil moisture estimation, and (ii) disaggregation of passive microwave soil moisture using optical/thermal and active microwave satellite data as part of SMOS-L4 value-added products.

For the detailed list of the publications of Dr Ahmad, please visit Google Scholar.

Technical Advisor

Dr. Gulab Singh is Assistant Professor at Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He received the Ph.D. degree with best thesis award from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India in 2011 and ronbun hakase (≈ Dr.-Eng.-habil.) in Electrical and Information Engineering from Niigata University, Japan in 2013. His expertise includes the development of general radar polarimetric methods for analysing fully polarimetric data, development of the inversion techniques for retrieving geophysical parameters and remote sensing of the cryosphere.

Technical Advisor

Dr C. T. Dhanya is Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi. She received PhD with best thesis award from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2011. Her expertise includes assessment of climate change on water resources, data mining, modelling land surface processes and hydro-climatology.

Technical Advisor

Prof. Bimlesh Kumar is Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. He received PhD with best thesis award from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2010. His expertise includes Sediment Transport, Stirred Tank System, River Hydraulics, Turbulent Flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Pump-pipeline Surge analysis.

Managing Director

Charu has senior management experience with her working as Managing Director of a company for many years providing leadership and strategic direction.

Application Engineer

Thiyaku received M.Tech (Remote sensing and GIS) from NIT, Warangal in 2016. His expertise includes value added product development and dissemination using the open source technologies.

Application Engineer

Miral completed M.Tech. in computer science. Her expertise includes the application of satellite remote sensing for providing the solution in Agriculture.

Application Engineer

Ms Catherine is M.Tech. in Remote Sensing and GIS, passed out from NIT Warangal. Her expertise includes the application of microwave satellite remote sensing for providing the solutions in Water Resources and Agriculture.

About Aapah Innovations

Aapah Innovations is an Earth Observation and Engineering Consultancy company having its office in Hyderabad, India. We strive to leverage cutting edge Research and Technology for developing practical, sustainable and innovative solutions for agriculture and water resources (surface, soil moisture, and groundwater) for improving the environment to create a better tomorrow.

Aapah has created an eco-system of talent from premier research institutions of India and abroad for hydrology, hydraulics, crop science, remote sensing, environmental engineering, data science, and software application development.

Aapah has developed solutions for wide ranging industries such as agriculture, crop insurance, marine, land management, disaster management, water management and weather for the national and global market.

Our Vision

Most preferred remote sensing value added service provider on the planet.