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We perform various GIS tasks e.g. Data format conversion, Projection conversion, Orthorectification, Classification, Raster and Vector data creation, Spatial modelling and analysis and Watershed delineation.

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Figure 1. Satellite retrieved soil moisture at farm scale.

Mapping India’s farmland from space

In India, 72 % of the farmers hold less than 2 ha of land, out of which approximately two-third has ...
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Prediction of flood risk

The flood depends upon the intensity of rainfall and the infiltration (absorption) capacity of soil which is related to soil ...
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Monitor agricultural drought using satellite data in near real time

A deficit in the available soil moisture for agriculture is termed as drought which results in the lack of crop ...
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  1. Publication: Groundwater Level Dynamics in Bengaluru City, India (12/26/2017) by Dr. Sat Kumar Tomer - Groundwater accounts for half of Indian urban water use. However, little is known about its sustainability, because of inadequate monitoring and evaluation. We deployed a dense monitoring network in 154 locations in Bengaluru, India between 2015 and 2017. Groundwater levels collected at these locations were analyzed to understand the behavior of the city’s groundwater system. […]
  2. Publication: A Framework for Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Groundwater System Formations (12/22/2017) by Dr. Sat Kumar Tomer - In order to understand the impact of climate change on vegetation and soil on the groundwater system comprehensively, complex coupled models that require a series of estimated parameters were run in a distributed framework for a catchment. The simple and general approach used to investigate the potential impact of climate change on groundwater fluxes forces […]
  3. VATI – watch your region in real time through our new App (11/19/2017) by Dr. Yukti Gill - Making it easier than ever to stay in touch with our selective innovative products and information which allows to observe earth in near real time. We have not only built the new flagship app but taken everything you would like i.e. more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplify your remote sensing experience. VATI (Value Added information […]
  4. Is tank rehabilitation serving its purpose? (9/3/2017) by Dr. Yukti Gill - Tanks are an important source of irrigation. Artificial or natural, tanks are used for harvesting and preserving the local rainfall and water from streams and rivers for later use for various purposes including agriculture and domestic. For serving the purpose, tanks require regular maintenance, revival, and restoration which includes frequent removal of silt (desilting). Also, […]
  5. Early detection of drought using satellite remote sensing (5/28/2017) by Thiyaku S. - Drought is a normal and recurrent feature of climate. Droughts are classified into three categories viz. meteorological, hydrological and agricultural. Meteorological drought is identified by the estimate of the departure of precipitation from normal. Hydrological droughts indicate the departure of surface and ground water from normal.  Agricultural droughts are caused by inadequate soil moisture to support the […]
  6. Publication: A Spatio-Temporal Algorithm for Merging Soil Moisture from Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing (1/20/2017) by Dr. Yukti Gill - Currently the soil moisture is available either at coarse spatial scale from passive microwave remote sensing or at infrequent repeat time from active microwave remote sensing. A novel MAPSM algorithm is developed which merges Active and Passive microwave Soil Moisture to obtain a higher spatio-temporal soil moisture which is a prerequisite for various hydrological, agricultural and […]
  7. Publication: High Resolution Land Surface Geophysical Parameters Estimation from ALOS PALSAR data (1/16/2017) by Dr. Sat Kumar Tomer - A satellite-only algorithm (which does not need ancillary data on soil surface roughness and vegetation) to retrieve soil moisture is tested over ambhas site ( in India. The satellite data used is L-band ALOS PALSAR which has all weather capability. The estimated soil moisture had a spatial resolution of 25 m capable of estimating crop […]