Analysing long term climate impact on water resources

General circulation model (GCM) provides the projected rainfall for future. The GCMs contain bias and uncertainty and therefore require the validation with respect to the historical data. Hence, we compared the historical rainfall data with rainfall from GCM and found following six GCMs to be working reasonably:

  1. ECHAM and the global Hamburg Ocean Primitive Equation (ECHO-G)
  2. Pierre-Simon Laplace Coupled Model, version 4 (IPSL-CM4)
  3. Model for Interdisciplinary Research on Climate, version 3.2 (MIROC3.2)
  4. Hadley Centre Coupled Model, version 3 (HadCM3)
  5. Hadley Centre Global Environment Model, version 1 (HadGEM1)
  6. Institute of Numerical Mathematics Coupled Model, version 3.0 (INM-CM.3.0)

These six GCMs were bias corrected using the quantile matching approach and were used further to study the possible impact on future water resources. The impact on water resources was quantified using the developed water resources model.

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