Crop Insurance

Figure 1. Satellite retrieved soil moisture at farm scale.

Mapping India’s farmland from space

In India, 72 % of the farmers hold less than 2 ha of land, out of which approximately two-third has ...
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Information and communications technology in agriculture

Satellite remote sensing for crop insurance settlement

Our services for crop insurance settlement are: Identification of suitable site for CCE. Monitor the CCE sites for any sudden ...
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Crop insurance

Satellite remote sensing for crop insurance

Our services for crop insurance are: Identification of no-sowing area. Identify area impacted by localized risks of hailstorm, landslide, and ...
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Satellite remote sensing for crop insurance underwriting

Our services for crop insurance underwriting are: Trend analysis of historical crop yield data and acreage. Weekly soil moisture and ...
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  1. SAARC Charter day: Soil moisture using Satellite for SAARC nations (12/8/2017) by Thiyaku S. - SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) was founded on 8th December, 1985. The member nations of this organization include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. To commemorate this 33rd SAARC Charter day, Aapah Innovations created high-resolution soil moisture map for SAARC using satellite data. Agriculture drought arises when soil moisture […]
  2. Want to know how Turmeric is growing in your area? (10/31/2017) by Miral Parmar - Advanced estimate of the crop yield is useful in various applications e.g. crop insurance, harvest planning, delivery estimates, etc. Advanced estimate of the crop yield can be obtained by performing the statistical analysis, however, it does not take into account the current ground realities and rely only on the historical data. The satellite remote sensing […]
  3. Did crop get enough water in Maharashtra this Kharif season? (10/10/2017) by Thiyaku S. - The Kharif season is approaching its end and the availability of water to crops in Maharashtra using Satellite microwave remote sensing reasonably be quantified. The satellite estimated daily soil moisture is converted into monthly average relative soil moisture for June-September 2017 as shown in the figures. During June, relative soil moisture varies from 0 to […]
  4. Satellite remote sensing: An aid to curb farmer’s suicide (6/20/2017) by Dr. Yukti Gill - Being an agrarian country, 48.9% of Indian population directly or indirectly depends on agriculture (Economic Survey 2014-15)1. A total of 12,602 farming sector persons (8,007 farmers/cultivators; 4,595 agricultural labourers) has committed suicides during 2015, accounting for 9.4% of total suicides victims (1,33,623) in the country (National Crime Records Bureau statistics, 2015)2. According to Milner, Spittal, […]
  5. Psychology behind the low penetration of crop insurance: Satellite remote sensing to the aid (5/20/2017) by Dr. Yukti Gill - Factors like the natural disaster (flood, drought, earthquake), climate variability (hail storming, heavy rainfall), pest’s attack, scarcity of water, inundations, financial aid etc. puts agriculture at risk. These factors lead to the apprehension of stress that may resist a farmer’s ability to take decisions for any sort of long-term crop management investment. Having had experience […]