Solutions for Urban Flood Management

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Urban flooding is threatening human lives, livelihoods and environment across the globe. Apart from the meteorological factors, major causes of urban flooding are:

  • Increase in impervious area due to land use changes from open space to impervious surfaces
  • Encroachment in the floodplain
  • Stromwater network obstruction by solid wastes
  • Lack of stromwater drainage network

Aapah Innovations provides the services for the following:

  • Identify which part of the landuse conversion into impervious area might cause more damage
  • Estimate the infiltration capacity of the city to identify how much portion of rainfall will get converted into runoff
  • Identify the drainage blockage in the cascade system of tanks
  • Identify the construction area which are causing blockage of the major water pathways
  • Identify the encroachment on tanks that has taken place
  • Periodically monitor the encroachment on tanks
  • Delineate the area near the drainage network where construction in future should not be allowed
  • Automatic rain gauge network provides point data. We provide service to convert point data into spatial data by using the statistical interpolation algorithm like Krigging. The algorithm also provides uncertainty in the spatial data by analyzing the point data and distance from the networks.
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Dr. Sat Kumar Tomer

The author is expert in the application of remote sensing for managing the natural resources.