Satellite remote sensing for evaluating the impact of tank management project

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In India, about 60 % of the crops are rainfed. To meet the growing food demand, there is a need to increase the irrigation facilities to enhance the productivity in rainfed areas. Many state governments in partnership with the government of India are improving the minor irrigation facilities such as tanks.

The assessment methodology for the assessment of the impact of tank management should take into account the spatio-temporal variability present in the rainfall. The use of advanced technology like satellite remote sensing provide an easy way to monitor the large number of tanks over multiple year. Below figure shows the average detrended (using rainfall data) Land Surface Wetness Index (LSWI) for the tanks in Odisha state. It clearly shows the impact of tanks renovation (started in the year 2009) on the availability of water for the crops.

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Dr. Sat Kumar Tomer

The author is expert in the application of remote sensing for managing the natural resources.