VATI – watch your region in real time through our new App

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Making it easier than ever to stay in touch with our selective innovative products and information which allows to observe earth in near real time. We have not only built the new flagship app but taken everything you would like i.e. more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplify your remote sensing experience. VATI (Value Added information […]

Air quality monitoring in Delhi

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Poor air quality is caused by motor vehicle emission, fires on agricultural land, dust from construction sites, burning garbage, industrial activities etc. Aapah innovations have been monitoring the air pollution in Delhi using remote sensing data. In this analysis, we used daily Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) at 0.55 micron, which was extracted from MODIS MOD04_3K […]

Want to know how Turmeric is growing in your area?

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Advanced estimate of the crop yield is useful in various applications e.g. crop insurance, harvest planning, delivery estimates, etc. Advanced estimate of the crop yield can be obtained by performing the statistical analysis, however, it does not take into account the current ground realities and rely only on the historical data. The satellite remote sensing […]

The first ever high resolution soil moisture map of India: One solution for many problems

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Soil moisture is of paramount importance in various applications e.g. hydrology, agriculture and meteorology. Some of the application where soil moisture is useful are: Optimal irrigation in farms Identify areas being over-irrigated Improved flood risk estimation Monitor agricultural drought in near real time Improved weather forecast Analyse the impact of an irrigation project Identify the […]