Weather Forecasting

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The satellite soil moisture can provide the estimate of evaporation and transpiration. The information on the evaporation from the land surface and transpiration from plants can be used to enhance the short and medium term weather forecast. The weather forecast would help us in preparing for the calamities like flood and in short-term irrigation planning.

Prediction of flood risk

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The flood depends upon the intensity of rainfall and the infiltration (absorption) capacity of soil which is related to soil moisture. The satellite soil moisture provides information on the soil infiltration capacity. A combination of real-time precipitation availability and satellite soil moisture can predict the floods. Based on precipitation forecast and soil moisture data, the […]

Solutions for Urban Flood Management

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Urban flooding is threatening human lives, livelihoods and environment across the globe. Apart from the meteorological factors, major causes of urban flooding are: Increase in impervious area due to land use changes from open space to impervious surfaces Encroachment in the floodplain Stromwater network obstruction by solid wastes Lack of stromwater drainage network Aapah Innovations […]