Integrated Water Management Programme (IWMP)

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The primary objective of IWMP is to address the issue of soil degradation & moisture conservation in the rain-fed areas of the state. The satellite soil moisture can help in the assessment of the impact of the watershed management programme on agriculture. The availability of long term (before and after the project is executed) soil […]

Prediction of flood risk

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The flood depends upon the intensity of rainfall and the infiltration (absorption) capacity of soil which is related to soil moisture. The satellite soil moisture provides information on the soil infiltration capacity. A combination of real-time precipitation availability and satellite soil moisture can predict the floods. Based on precipitation forecast and soil moisture data, the […]

Monitor agricultural drought using satellite data in near real time

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A deficit in the available soil moisture for agriculture is termed as drought which results in the lack of crop growth and production. Microwave satellite provides information about the available soil moisture in near real time which is useful for drought early warning. The conventional method of monitoring drought based on crop variables e.g. NDVI […]

Publication: High Resolution Land Surface Geophysical Parameters Estimation from ALOS PALSAR data

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A satellite-only algorithm (which does not need ancillary data on soil surface roughness and vegetation) to retrieve soil moisture is tested over ambhas site ( in India. The satellite data used is L-band ALOS PALSAR which has all weather capability. The estimated soil moisture had a spatial resolution of 25 m capable of estimating crop […]

Estimation of a higher spatio-temporal resolution soil moisture over Karnataka

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MAPSM algorithm has been applied in the state of Karnataka to retrieve the higher resolution soil moisture. SMOS has been used for the passive microwave data and RISAT-1 has been used for the active microwave data. The high resolution soil moisture product can be used for several purposes e.g. identification of drought-impacted farmers and irrigation […]

Solutions for Urban Flood Management

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Urban flooding is threatening human lives, livelihoods and environment across the globe. Apart from the meteorological factors, major causes of urban flooding are: Increase in impervious area due to land use changes from open space to impervious surfaces Encroachment in the floodplain Stromwater network obstruction by solid wastes Lack of stromwater drainage network Aapah Innovations […]

Village level soil moisture mapping using satellite data

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Knowledge of higher spatial resolution soil moisture is of paramount importance in agriculture, water resource management, flood, drought, etc. Soil moisture has a high spatial variability due to the variability in soil, vegetation and climate. Soil moisture can be measured using soil moisture sensors, however these measurements are point based and not feasible to cover […]

Mapping groundwater using remote sensing data and GIS

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Groundwater is an important source of the fresh water for drinking and irrigation purposes. For the suistainable management of groundwater resources, scientific assessment is essential. Remote sensing provides a way to quickly assess the groundwater resources for the large region, which is cumbersome and costly with manual measurements. Remote sensing based GIS layers can be […]

Dr. Gulab Singh joins our Technical Advisory Board

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Gulab Singh, Assistant Professor, Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay has joined our Technical Advisory Board. Dr. Gulab Singh received PhD with best thesis award from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India in 2011 and the ronbun hakase (≈ Dr.-Eng.-habil.) in Electrical […]